The Krizanke Outdoor Theatre in Ljubljana, used for open air summer festivals set up inside the courtyard of the former Monastery of the Holy Cross. Ljubljana Festival holds major events on the open-air stage, while other venues include the Baroque-style Krizanke Church, the Knights’ Hall and the Devil’s Courtyard.

The demanding task was the acoustic arrangement of the orchestra pit, located below the stage, which can be moved and opened as needed. The request was to arrange the acoustics for a large-sized symphony orchestra. In the existing configuration, there were problems with audibility to the conductor and performers on stage.

It was successfully solved with adjustable refelectors and modification of the orchestra space. The project was successfully implemented by the construction company Makro 5.

National Broadcast Radio Slovenia stores large quantities of audio and video material, various documents and music material, mostly in analogue format.

Reliable and quality equipment used in audio recordings and mastering for the needs of the Mastering Studio 15, equipment from the manufacturers Crookwood, Trinnov Audio, Magix Sequoia, Izotope was supplied.

They usually say that schools do not need state-of-the-art equipment. The Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana thinks otherwise: young people need to be taught about quality. In 2008, a new modern school was built with a large 304-seat music hall and several smaller ones. A smaller recording studio, for the purposes of recording music events, public performances and concerts, is also intended for education.

The audio studio is equipped with the top equipment: PMC Loudspeakers, Magix Sequoia at HP workstation, Avid ProTools HDX, Burl Audio, Sonnox, Weiss, Trinnov to optimize studio acoustics. Exceptional selection of microphones: Schoeps, Earthworks, Sennheiser, Neumann, dynamic Shure and Telefunken Elektroakustik.