National Broadcast Radio and Television Slovenija, is an organization of special cultural and national importance, performing its activities in the field of radio and television. High-quality equipment is required for top-notch creation, which is why we supplied and support equipment from the following manufacturers: Sound Devices, JoeCo, Trinnov, Crookwood, Izotope, Earthworks and Cedar Audio.

The Music Hall of the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana, is the most advanced in the region in terms of technology and acoustics. It provides the audience with a high-quality music experience, while also inspiring professional musicians alike.

It has been a very prestigious project to work on and we are very proud of the result we achieved with.

The 168-seat auditorium is designed acoustically so that it can be used without the sound system, with high intelligibility and evenly distributed sound throughout the auditorium. In terms of space design and acoustics, the hall is pleasing to the eye, bright, with windows overlooking the Old Town and Ljubljana Castle. The Conservatoire presented a challenge and I was able to overcome this for a very good result. We achieved an NC (Noise Criteria) level of less than NC20 with ventilation on.

The concert hall is housed in a space that opens into a previously unused attic. A wooden sub-structure was built, to which acoustic panels were mounted at different angles and with a variety of perforations. Seven different mineral and stone wools and over 300 wooden panels were used to create the acoustics, which were subject to the most demanding criteria.

The Music Hall has a projection screen (6 meters in length), surround recording microphone system, PA surround sound system and 4 professional 3G HD-SDI broadcast video cameras for recording and streaming. Lighting was also critical. LED lamps were used throughout to eliminate interference and each lamp’s colour and intensity can be individually controlled, ensuring that musicians’ sheet music can be clearly read.

In the heart of Ljubljana, the building is a lovely part of the Ljubljana skyline now and will provide a fully equipped and immersive space for musicians for years to come.

The National Assembly, is the highest representative and legislative body in the Republic of Slovenia. Its basic task is to perform the legislative function of authority, within which deputies adopt the most important legal acts of the state.

It was necessary to provide sound recording of events and sessions from sixteen different locations. On the already existing infrastructure, we have provided a quality and reliable recording system, on the IBM server platform and Cedar Trinity software.

Zvokarna – an independent post-production film & TV, is one of the most prestigious and respected productions in our region for film and TV environment. Founder Bostjan Kacicnik and his team, can boast of awards and recognitions at home and abroad. It is a great honor for me to cooperate with Bostjan for more than 20 years, both in the field of equipment supply and support. The company has the largest range of Sound Devices recorders for field work (from Scorpio to MixPre), in addition to AudioLTD, Zaxcom, PMC Loudspeakers, Bryston, Trinnov, Schoeps, VanDamme Cables.